Monthly Member Meeting

March Breakfast Meeting

COSTS:   $15.00 Paid Members

$25.00 Guests

SPEAKER:    Christie Andrus Nakono

TOPIC:    Dealing with Difficult Conversations – Turning the Tables

Dealing with difficult conversations - the challenge is to turn it from a conflict to a learning conversation to enhance the likelihood of resolution and even transform the relationship with the challenger. Join us as we look at how to ‘move around the table’ to shift difficult talks into relationship enhancing, opportunities focused discussions. Are you ready to increase the likelihood of the listener receiving and acting on your message? Become an even better influencer – above, beside and below you.


RSVP by 03/12/2020:

RSVP to Anita Lyndaker,  NCHRA President


SHRM & HRCI Credits available for this presentation - pending approval

RSVP CANCELLATIONS: We will make every effort to cancel the RSVP if given reasonable notice of cancellation. If NCHRA is charged for the meal, then you are responsible to pay for the meal.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: For your convenience, NCHRA offers two payment options, either PayPal or check.

If you would like to pay online using PayPal, there is a nominal surcharge. If you choose to pay by check the day of the event, there is no additional charge. We welcome you to choose whichever option best fits your needs.

Members Breakfast (check) - $15

Members Breakfast (PayPal) - $16

Guest Breakfast (check) - $25

Guest Breakfast (PayPal) - $27

Members Lunch (check) - $20

Members Lunch (PayPal) - $21

Guest Lunch (check) - $30

Guest Lunch (PayPal) - $32

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