NCHRA Membership

NCHRA Application 2021

Professional Member Benefit Guidelines

The membership year runs from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

Annual membership dues are payable to NCHRA with the application and mailed to:


PO Box 8302

Watertown NY  13601

A one-year professional membership for National SHRM members is $35.00

A one-year professional membership for Non-SHRM Members is $45.00


A one-year associate membership for National SHRM Members is $20.00

A one-year associate membership for Non SHRM Members is $30.00

You will need to submit your SHRM ID number on the application in order for the board to verify you are a current National SHRM Member in good standing.

Remember: there is a meal price difference for NCHRA members and non- members so it’s to your advantage to get your membership in early!



Types of memberships: 


PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP:  Professional Members shall be limited to (a) those individuals engaged in Human Resources or Industrial Relations functions; (b) the teaching, administration or management of Human Resources; (c) individuals who previously served in those positions

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Individuals who do not meet the qualifications of the other classes of membership, but who demonstrate a bona fide interest in human resource management and the mission of the Chapter. Associate members may not vote or hold office in the Chapter.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP:   Individuals who are actively enrolled in Full time Human Resources or related degree programs at the college or University level. Student members may not vote and may not hold office in the Chapter. Student members shall be entitled to membership without the payment of dues; but are responsible for the monthly meeting meal cost when attending a meeting. Student members will need to submit proof of currently attending a college / University. Student Membership ends when individuals are no longer a student. Individuals can submit payment to become a Professional or Associate member at any time.  Does NOT apply to Certificate Programs or Part-time students.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: For your convenience, NCHRA offers two payment options, either PayPal or check.

If you would like to pay online using PayPal, there is a nominal surcharge. If you choose to pay by check, there is no additional charge. We welcome you to choose whichever option best fits your needs.

Professional Membership Dues:

National SHRM Member (Check) - $35/year

National SHRM Member (PayPal) - $37/year

Non-SHRM Member (Check) - $45/year

Non-SHRM Member (PayPal) - $47/year

Associate Member Dues:

National SHRM Member (Check) - $20/year

National SHRM Member (PayPal) - $22/year

Non SHRM Member (Check) - $30/year

Non-SHRM Member (PayPal) - $32/year

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